Why should I choose a laser welding machine over traditional forms?

Welding, as an important process of metal processing, has a wide range of applications in industrial production and daily life. There are many kinds of traditional welding, such as arc welding, gas welding, ultrasonic welding, resistance welding, etc. All of them use heat or pressure to realize the connection of materials.

But laser welding machine as a new type of welding method, has many advantages and features that traditional welding methods do not have, it is more efficient, precise, clean and environmentally friendly than traditional methods. In this article, we will tell you why we should choose laser welding machines instead of traditional welding methods.

how does a laser welder work

The working principle of the laser welding machine is to irradiate the material surface through the high-energy laser beam so that the material melts and forms a weld. The laser beam is controlled and adjusted through optical components such as a focusing lens and reflector to realize precise welding of the material. 

cost of laser welding machine

comparison of laser welding machine and traditional welding methods

1. Welding speed:

The welding speed of the laser welding machine is several times or even dozens of times that of the traditional welding method, and it can complete a large number of welding operations in a short time to improve production efficiency and quality.

2. Accuracy:

The welding precision of the laser welding machine is incomparable with the traditional welding method, it can realize micron-level welding, which is suitable for the fields that require high precision, such as electronics, medical, aviation and so on. In addition, its welding area is very small, which can realize the precise control of the local area without thermal influence on the surrounding materials, maintaining the original properties and shape of the materials.

3. Energy consumption:

With energy conversion efficiencies three and six times greater than those of arc and gas welding, laser welding machines convert more electrical energy into laser energy than is wasted on heat and resistance losses. In addition, its welding time is one-tenth and one-twentieth of that of arc and gas welding, it can finish welding in a much shorter time, which can save a lot of electricity and cost.

4. Operation convenience:

Laser welding machine only needs to set the welding parameters, such as laser power, welding speed, welding depth, etc., so it can realize the welding of different thicknesses and different materials, expanding the scope of application of welding. Therefore, the operation convenience of the laser welding machine is much higher than the traditional welding method, it can save human resources and improve the welding quality, easy maintenance and management.

application of laser welding machine

cost of laser welding machine

Laser welding machine has a wide application. It can weld all kinds of metal and non-metal materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and so on. And it is widely used in various industries and fields, such as automotive, construction, aerospace, electronics and other industries. The following are a few successful cases:

1. Automobile manufacturing: laser welding technology is widely used in automobile manufacturing. It can be used for welding various parts of the automobile, such as the body, door, wheel, exhaust pipe, fuel tank, etc., which can improve the sealing and durability of the body;

2. Construction industry: laser welding technology plays an important role in steel structure manufacturing, which can improve the strength and precision of structural parts;

3. Electronics industry: laser welding technology plays a key role in the production of microelectronic devices. It can be used for welding various parts of electronic products, such as circuit boards, chips, batteries, and so on, which can realize efficient and precise connections.

how much is a laser welder

The cost price of laser welding machine is determined by many factors such as type of laser, power, quality of optics, performance, brand, service, etc. Therefore, the cost price of laser welding machine is not fixed, it will change with the changes in the market and users’ needs.

Generally speaking, the cost price of laser welding machine is higher than the cost price of a traditional welding method, it needs more investment and maintenance. However, the cost price of laser welding machine can be offset by the benefits and savings it brings, it can save a lot of energy, material, labor, time, space, etc., and it can improve the quality, value, and competitiveness of the product, etc. With the continuous development of laser technology, the cost of laser equipment has also gradually reduced, and more and more enterprises and individual users have begun to use laser welding machines.

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Through the introduction of this article, we can recognize the superiority and necessity of laser welding machines. It has many advantages and the potential to effectively improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, reduce costs and environmental pollution.

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