Why Italian customer buy DXTECH 2000w fiber laser cutting machine and laser welding machine in once?

DXTECH is pleased to announce the shipment of a 2000w laser cutting machine and handheld welding machine to Italy!
Why would an Italian customer purchase these two machines from DXTECH at once? Read on!

2000w fiber laser cutting machine for sale

First of all, the Italian customer belongs to the construction industry, and the gradual expansion has made the previous machine unable to meet the current demand, so the customer is looking for a more efficient production method. Finally, after several comparisons, the customer finally chose DXTECH.

Advantages of 2000w fiber laser cutting machine

DXTECH’s 2000w laser cutting machine offers a number of advantageous features, and it was these features that attracted the Italian customer. First of all, the 2000 watts of power provides a more powerful cutting capability that can easily cope with the cutting needs of different materials. Whether it’s sheet metal or alloy materials, the laser cutter is able to cut accurately and quickly, ensuring product quality and productivity. In addition, it is characterized by high automation, high precision, and high performance, which can meet the various production needs of Italian customers.

Secondly, the laser cutting machine adopts a fiber laser, which has higher energy conversion efficiency and longer service life. This means that Italian customers can expect longer-lasting results with lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Equally important, the lightweight and convenience of DXTECH’s handheld welding machines were one of the key factors for Italian customers. Handheld welding machines offer more flexible working methods and can be adapted to different shapes and sizes. For Italian customers in the construction industry, this means that they can carry out welding jobs more conveniently, both indoors and outdoors, on large structures and on small parts.

Features of handheld laser cutting machine

2000w fiber laser cutting machine for sale

In addition, DXTECH’s well-established after-sales service system was one of the reasons why customers ultimately chose DXTECH, which is committed to providing a comprehensive, efficient, and high-quality after-sales service. DXTECH not only provides installation and operation training after the delivery of the products but also answers the problems encountered by the customers in the use in a timely manner to ensure that the customers can get timely technical support and maintenance services. This also makes Italian customers feel more assured and confident in purchasing DXTECH products.

Finally, we would like to thank our Italian customers again for choosing DXTECH lasers. Now the two machines have gone through strict quality testing and are packed and ready for shipment. If you are interested in the customer’s feedback, please follow DXTECH and we will provide you with the latest news.