What is the best laser cutting machine for metal furniture?

The most important step in the production process of metal furniture is the cutting of metal, which determines the shape, size, and quality of metal furniture. So what is the best laser cutting machine for metal furniture? This article will introduce you a suitable laser cutting machine for metal furniture manufacturing, which is 3000W fiber laser cutting machine. In this article, we will introduce the 3000W fiber laser cutting machine as the best tool for metal furniture manufacturing, explain the laser cutting principle and working method, and show some real cases as well as answers to frequently asked questions to help you understand and choose the right laser cutting machine for metal furniture manufacturing.

Why almost 85% customer choose 3000w laser cutting machine

At present, there are many kinds of metal cutting methods in the market, such as mechanical cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, etc. However, all these methods have some drawbacks, such as slow cutting speed, poor quality of cutting, low cutting accuracy, high cutting cost, and high cutting pollution.
So, is there a metal cutting method that can overcome these shortcomings and realize high-speed, high-quality, high-precision, low-consumption, low-pollution metal cutting? The answer is yes, that is 3000W fiber laser cutting machine.

3000w metal furniture laser cutting machine
  1. Fast cutting speed: the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machines is 2-3 times the traditional cutting method, which can greatly improve production efficiency.
  2. High cutting quality: fiber laser cutting machine has high cutting precision, flat and smooth kerf, no burr, no heat-affected zone, no deformation, and no need for secondary processing.
  3. Wide cutting range: fiber laser cutting machine can cut various metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, copper, titanium, etc., while the traditional cutting method is limited by the physical and chemical properties of the material, cutting materials are limited.
  4. Simple operation: Fiber laser cutting machine adopts CNC system, which can be programmed by computer to realize automation and intelligent cutting, reduce the complexity and difficulty of manual operation, and improve the safety and stability of cutting.
  5. Energy saving and environmental protection: Fiber laser cutting machine has low energy consumption and save about 30% of electricity than traditional cutting methods. At the same time, the cutting process of the fiber laser cutting machine is pollution-free, with no noise, no exhaust gas, and no wastewater, which is in line with the environmental protection requirements.

How fiber laser cutting machine works

This machine utilizes a high energy density laser beam in a contactless manner to instantly heat, melt, or evaporate the metal material, thus cutting it into the desired shape and size. Therefore, it has many advantages, such as fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, high cutting precision, low cutting cost, burr-free cutting, etc. It is more suitable for metal furniture industry.

Advantageous features of 3000W fiber laser cutting machine

  • Adopting IPG high-quality fiber laser, better cutting effect and longer lifetime
  • Equipped with an intelligent numerical control system, simpler operation, and more accurate cutting.
  • With automatic tracking and adjustment function, adapting to different materials and thicknesses.
  • Saving energy, reducing costs and improving production efficiency
  • Powerful cutting software, supports multiple formats of graphic import, convenient design, and modification.

3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: As the best laser cutting tool for metal furniture manufacturing, 3000W fiber laser cutting machine features high power and high efficiency. It can quickly and accurately cut various metal materials such as steel, aluminum alloy and copper.

Customer's actual case show:

Below, I will show you the actual cases of metal furniture made by customers using 3000W fiber laser cutting machine, to see what kind of metal furniture it can make, as well as the details and effects of the cutting process:

This is a cabinet made of aluminum alloy made by our customer Alin Stancu from Romania. The door plate of the cabinet is cut from an aluminum alloy plate with a thickness of 1.5mm, and there are some geometric cut patterns on the door plate. The cutting process of the cabinet uses 3000w metal furniture laser cutting machine, the cutting speed is 140m/min, the cutting precision is 0.03mm, the cutting quality is no burr, no deformation, no oxidation. After cutting, the surface of the cabinet was sprayed, painted, and dried to make it smoother, more uniform, and corrosion-resistant.

3000w metal furniture laser cutting machine

Besides, it can also be used for metal dining tables and chairs, metal artwork and sculptures, metal doors and windows, etc.

In addition, the customer individual with quality feedback. “I purchased a 3000w metal furniture laser cutting machine from this website, I am very satisfied with the performance and stability of this laser machine, it can cut stainless steel quickly, accurately and with high quality. This laser machine is also very easy to operate and maintain, they provide detailed instructions and videos, it’s easy for me and my staff to get started, and the laser machine has a very low failure rate, even if there is a problem, Aleen will guide and solve it remotely on time. The laser machine is also very reasonably priced for the money and I feel it was a very worthwhile investment. I am very grateful for the service and support of this site, they are friendly, and prompt in their responses, the transaction was smooth, the shipping was safe, and I would recommend this site and this laser machine to my peers and friends.”

FAQ of 3000W metal furniture laser cutting machine

  • a. What are the technical parameters and configuration of the laser machine?
    – Parameters such as laser power, cutting speed, table size, and equipment configuration depend on specific needs.
  • b. How long does it take to install and commission a laser machine?
    – Installation and commissioning time depends on the specifications of the equipment and the environment in which it is to be used and generally takes a few days to a week.
  • c. What is the warranty and after-sales service for the laser machine?
    – DXTECH offers a 2-year warranty and comprehensive after-sales service. For details of the warranty period and service, please contact our sales representatives.
  • d. How are laser machines shipped and packaged?
    – Laser machines are typically shipped using appropriate shipping methods and packaging materials to ensure that the equipment reaches its destination safely.
  • e. What is the ordering and payment process for laser machines?
    – Customers can place an order through the DXTECH website or by contacting a sales representative and make payment as per the contractual agreement.


3000W fiber laser cutting machine has an important position and role in metal furniture manufacturing industry. By visiting the DXTECH website or contacting us, you can get more information about 3000W laser-cutting machine for metal furniture, get a quote as well as address your various queries. By sharing this article or liking it on social media, you can also provide us with valuable support. Let’s work together to help the metal furniture manufacturing industry succeed!