What is an open type fiber laser cutting machine? A look at the choices of Greek clients

Open fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of equipment that adopts fiber laser as the light source, and controls the laser beam to cut the metal sheet at high speed through the CNC system. Open fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, fast cutting speed, high cutting quality, low energy consumption, etc. It is widely used in various metal processing industries.

In this article, we will introduce a customer from Greece, who owns a company that manufactures partitions and attic furniture, metal doors and windows, etc. Why he chose our customized CNC open fiber laser cutting machine, and the effect and feeling he got after using our machine!

customized cnc open type laser cutting machine

Customer Cutting Needs

This Greek customer is mainly engaged in the manufacture of partitions and loft furniture manufacturing as well as metal doors and windows. In these areas, high quality and precision cutting is essential. Therefore, they needed a powerful and reliable cutting machine that could fulfill complex cutting needs in a short time.

Laser Solution by DXTECH

Dxtech’s salesman recommended our customized CNC open fiber laser cutting machine 1530 3000wFL to our customer according to their needs. this machine adopts a high-performance fiber laser, which is capable of cutting metal sheets of different thicknesses and materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc. The cutting speed can reach 140 hau m per minute, the cutting accuracy can reach 0.03 mm, the cutting heat affected zone is small, and the cutting surface is smooth and free of heat affected zone. Small cutting zone, smooth cutting surface without burr, without secondary processing. The equipment is also equipped with an advanced CNC system, which can support the import of a variety of graphic formats, such as DXF, PLT, AI, etc., and can realize the cutting of patterns of arbitrary shapes and sizes to meet the personalized needs of customers. In addition, this machine is characterized by compact structure, simple operation, low energy consumption, easy maintenance and long service life, which can save time and cost for customers and increase profit.

customized cnc open type laser cutting machine

In addition, the open design of this laser cutting machine makes the working space more spacious and the operation more convenient. Customers can adjust and optimize the machine according to their needs, and it is easier to observe and control the cutting process. It is also automated and intelligent, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Great feedbacks by Greek customer

Greek customer saied they are very satisfied with this customized CNC open laser cutting machine. Its high-speed and high-precision cutting capability has made its production process more efficient and accurate. The customer said that after using our machine, his productivity has increased by 3 times the cutting quality has been significantly improved, and the appearance and performance of the product have been recognized and praised by the customer


Open fiber laser cutting machine is an efficient, high quality, and cost-effective metal cutting equipment, that can meet the cutting needs of different industries and different customers. Our customized CNC open fiber laser cutting machine, but also based on the original, according to the specific needs of customers, special design and optimization, so that the equipment is more suitable for the customer’s production situation, for customers to bring more value and benefits. If you have similar cutting needs, you are welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the most professional, highest quality, and the most appropriate equipment and services. Thanks!