What are the advantages of laser metal cutting machine in the steel industry?

The main field of metal processing in the steel industry. The cutting of steel materials is the basic process of steel processing, which directly affects the quality and efficiency of steel products. With the development of science and technology, a new steel cutting method – laser metal cutting machine- gradually became the steel industry’s vision. Laser metal cutting machine use high energy density laser beams on the steel material cutting equipment, it has high efficiency, precision, energy saving, environmental protection, and other characteristics, and is currently the most advanced metal cutting method. So, what are the advantages of laser metal cutting machine in the steel industry? This article will answer this question for you.

How laser metal cutting machine works?

laser metal cutting machines

Laser metal cutting machine is mainly composed of a laser generator, cutting head, machine tool, control system, and other parts, is a kind of equipment using a high-energy laser beam to cut metal. Its working principle is that after the laser beam is focused through the lens, it generates heat energy with high energy density, which instantly melts or vaporizes the metal material, thus achieving the purpose of cutting.

Advantages of laser metal cutting machine comparied with traditional methods

Compared with traditional metal cutting methods, laser metal cutting machines have numerous advantages.

1. Laser metal cutting machines are capable of very high cutting speeds. The laser beam has a very high focusing ability and can complete the cutting task of complex shapes in a very short time, so its cutting speed is several times that of the traditional cutting methods, which greatly improves production efficiency.

2. Laser metal cutting machine has a smaller melting area and thermal effect zone, which can reduce the thermal deformation of the material during the cutting process. The high degree of cut finish eliminates the need for subsequent grinding treatment and reduces production costs.

3. Laser metal cutting machines can cut many types of metal materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, and so on. These advantages make the laser metal cutting machine widely used in the steel industry.

laser metal cutting machines

4. Traditional steel cutting methods, such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, etc., although mature and stable, have the problems of rough cutting surfaces, large heat-affected zones, and are prone to deformation and oxidation of the material, etc. The cutting accuracy of laser cutting machines can be controlled at the millimeter level, which meets the demand of high precision cutting.

5. Fiber laser metal cutting machine using laser energy, energy consumption is relatively low, conducive to energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, the cutting process does not need to contact the cutting material, so it can reduce the wear and tear and replacement of cutting tools and extend the service life of the equipment.

6. High degree of automation: the laser cutting machine is equipped with an advanced intelligent numerical control system, which can realize automated cutting and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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laser metal cutting machine in the steel industry application examples

Laser metal cutting machines play an important role in the steel industry. They can be used to cut metal sheets of various shapes, such as steel plates, stainless steel plates and so on. Laser metal cutting machines are not only characterized by high efficiency and precision, but are also capable of achieving a variety of cutting methods, such as flat cutting, three-dimensional cutting, and pipe cutting. This makes the laser metal cutting machine in the manufacturing industry widely used in the production of steel structures, automotive parts, ships, and petrochemical equipment.

Selection Guide for Laser Metal Cutting Machines

When choosing a laser metal cutting machine, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. laser power and cutting thickness: choose the right laser and cutting thickness according to the production demand.

2. machine stability: the stability of the machine tool directly affects the cutting effect and the service life of the equipment, and should be considered when purchasing.

3. Cutting head quality: the quality of the cutting head is directly related to the cutting speed and accuracy, the purchase should pay attention to the brand and performance of the cutting head.

4. After-sales service: when buying laser metal cutting machine, we should pay attention to the manufacturer’s after-sales service to ensure that the equipment can be used in the process of timely repair and maintenance.


Laser metal cutting machines offer many benefits and value in the steel industry. They enable high-speed, precise and efficient metal cutting, reduce thermal deformation of materials and are suitable for many types of metal materials.

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