Square tube laser cutting machine for sale TK

Are you in need of a high-quality and efficient laser tube cutting machine for your business? Look no further than the TK-624 150W Laser Tube Cutting Machine for sale. This machine is equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art features that allow for the precise and seamless cutting of tubes and pipes. In this blog post, we will explore the different aspects of this amazing machine, including its features, advantages, and applications.



Powerful 1500W Laser for Efficient and Accurate Cutting

First of all, our fiber laser pipe-cutting machine has a very high capacity. With its maximum power of 6000W, it can cut hundreds of meters of pipe length per hour. This allows our machine to meet the demand of high volume and high capacity production. Also, because we use a fully automated production line, the operation is easy and convenient, requiring little manpower and time.


Precision Cutting Capabilities for Top-Quality Results

Secondly, our fiber laser pipe cutting machine is very adaptable to cut all kinds of pipes. No matter you need to cut round, oval, square, rectangle and other shapes of pipes, our machine can easily handle it. Moreover, our machines can be adjusted and optimized for different pipe diameters and wall thicknesses to achieve more accurate cutting.

Advanced Nesting Software for Unmatched Efficiency

To make the most of the TK square tube laser cutting machine’s cutting capabilities, we’ve included advanced nesting software that allows you to optimize your cutting operations for maximum efficiency. With the CYPCUT Nesting software, you can quickly and easily nest your parts for optimal material usage and fast cutting times, saving you time and money on every job.


High-cutting quality with low maintenance costs

Our fiber laser pipe cutting machines use the most advanced technology to achieve high precision, high speed, burr-free, and distortion-free cutting results. This means that our machines ensure that the quality and appearance of your product meet the strict standards required. And, because our machines use a non-contact cutting method, they do not cause any damage or distortion to the surface of the pipe. Meanwhile, our fiber laser pipe cutters are very low maintenance and do not require frequent replacement of parts. Moreover, our machines use fiber lasers, which have a longer lifespan than traditional CO2 lasers, enabling more stable and long-lasting production.


In addition, the square tube laser cutting machine is equipped with a number of other features to make operation as easy and efficient as possible. These include:

– A user-friendly touchscreen interface that allows for easy adjustment of cutting parameters and settings
– A fully enclosed cutting chamber for maximum safety and protection
– A robust and reliable design that delivers consistent performance and minimal downtime

applications of square tube laser cutting machine

The square tube laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications, such as:


1. Automotive industry

The machine can be used to cut pipes and tubes used in the manufacture of exhaust systems, fuel systems, and other components for the automotive industry.

2. Construction industry

The TK-624 150W Laser Tube Cutting Machine can be used to cut tubes and pipes for construction projects, such as railings, stairs, and supports.


3. Aerospace industry

The machine can be used to cut tubes and pipes for aerospace applications, such as hydraulic lines, fuel lines, and structural components.

4. Manufacturing industry

The machine can be used in the manufacture of different products, such as furniture frames, bicycle frames, and medical equipment.

contact for square tube laser cutting machine

So if you’re looking for the ultimate solution for tube cutting, look no further than the TK square tube laser cutting machine for sale at DXtechEurope. With its powerful laser, advanced nesting software, and precision cutting capabilities, the machine is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their cutting capabilities to the next level. Get in touch with our team today to learn more!