Slovenia customers buy fiber machine laser cutting machine, professional cutting 6mm stainless steel

Recently, we have the honor to cooperate with a world-renowned stainless steel processing company in Slovenia, which decided to purchase a professional fiber machine laser cutting machine to improve productivity and product quality. This state-of-the-art machine is specialized in cutting stainless steel materials with a thickness of 6mm.

As a professional stainless steel processing company, this Slovenian client is committed to the pursuit of excellence and has always been committed to providing quality products and services. However, the traditional cutting tools used previously were no longer able to meet the growing market demand. For this reason, they decided to invest in a state-of-the-art fiber machine laser cutting machine to improve productivity and ensure product quality.

Compared with traditional cutting tools, our fiber machine laser cutting machine has many advantages. Firstly, it enables highly precise cutting because the laser beam is very fine. Secondly, our machines use advanced fiber optic technology for faster cutting speeds and more stable performance, which greatly reduces production cycle time. In addition, we provide a user-friendly operation interface and intelligent cutting control system to make the operation more convenient, even for inexperienced operators.


Before shipment, we use the most advanced packaging technology and transportation methods in order to ensure the safe and reliable transportation of the equipment. All components and accessories are strictly packed and secured to prevent any damage during transportation. Moreover, we also provide detailed operation manuals and safety instructions for the equipment to ensure that customers can use the equipment smoothly after receiving the goods.

We are very excited about this cooperation, and we believe that this fiber machine laser cutting machine will enable the stainless steel processing company in Slovenia to lead the competition in the market. In addition, by providing high-quality cutting solutions and comprehensive after-sales service, we will help our customers to realize more efficient and precise production processes.

Dxtech Europe is looking forward to working with more customers. If you have any other metal processing needs, please contact us today and we will provide you with a complete laser solution.