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In our equipment packages section, you will find a wide range of equipment to meet all your production needs. Whether you need a laser cutter, a welding machine, a bending machine or a shearing machine, we have it all. We emphasize compatibility between equipment to ensure your production line runs smoothly. At the same time, we offer one-stop shopping services, allowing you to purchase all the equipment you need on one platform.

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Processing line for building panels

In construction, making curtain wall panels is detailed work. Our production line processes materials like aluminum and stainless steel quickly and precisely, to match the design and function needed for buildings.

laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Machine:
Function: Precisely cuts aluminum alloy or stainless steel to shape curtain wall plates.
Advantages: High precision, fast, burr-free.

Bending Machine:
Function: Forms 3D shape of curtain wall panels from cut sheets.
Advantages: High-precision mold & control for accurate bending.

Besides, laser welding machines are also available for precision welding. If there is a cleaning requirement, also laser cleaning machine for sheet metal parts to remove impurities such as oil and welding slag on the surface.

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Customized production line for sheet metal processing

In the sheet metal processing industry, there is an increasing demand for customization, involving a wide range of products, including various chassis, cabinets, brackets and so on. This production line is designed to achieve fast and precise processing of sheet metal parts through laser cutting, welding and other processes.

customized cnc open type laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine:
Function: Precise cutting of sheet metal plates to form parts.
Advantages: copes with complex shapes, high precision and speed.

Laser Welding Machine:
Function: Welding sheet metal parts to form complete products.
Advantages: high speed, high quality, low distortion.

In addition, hydraulic bending machines and laser cleaning machines play an important role in sheet metal processing.

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Advantages of One-Stop Purchasing

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Convenience: Customers do not need to travel back and forth between different suppliers, all equipment and services can be purchased on our one-stop platform.
Cost-effectiveness: We offer competitive prices and comprehensive technical support and services to help customers reduce overall costs.
Reliability: We work with well-known brands to ensure that the equipment we supply is of reliable quality and performance. Meanwhile, our technical team has rich experience and technical strength to provide customers with efficient and professional technical support and services.