Laser cleaning VS Traditional cleaning (Chemical/Ultrasonic cleaning)

Cleaning is an indispensable part of industrial production, which directly affects the quality and performance of products. However, traditional cleaning methods (such as chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.) have many limitations and defects, such as high energy consumption, waste, substrate damage, low cleaning accuracy, etc. It has significant differences and advantages compared with traditional cleaning methods (such as chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.). In this article, we will show you the advantageous features of the laser cleaning machine, as well as its comparison and analysis with traditional cleaning methods.


Disadvantages of traditional cleaning methods:

1. Environmental pollution:

Traditional cleaning methods produce a large amount of wastewater, waste gas, waste residue, etc., which requires additional treatment and disposal, causing harm to the environment and human health.

2. low efficiency:

Traditional cleaning methods consume a lot of time and manpower, and the operator labor intensity, some cleaning methods also need to be cooled at the high temperature of the mold can only be carried out after cooling, increasing the cleaning cycle, the cleaning effect is not necessarily ideal.

3. High cleaning costs:

Traditional cleaning methods require the use of a large number of abrasives, chemicals, water, electricity and other consumables, cleaning costs are very high. At the same time, the investment cost of cleaning equipment is also very high, making it difficult for industrial enterprises to afford.

4. The use of more restrictions:

Traditional cleaning equipment is mostly fixed equipment, can not move flexibly, on a wide range of oil wells, and pipelines, and the movement of the target application degree is low. Some cleaning methods also cause damage or change to the substrate, reducing the performance and life of the substrate.


In order to solve these problems, the laser cleaning machine came into being. Laser cleaning machine is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and non-destructive cleaning technology that utilizes a laser beam to remove surface dirt, coatings, and so on. It is suitable for cleaning various materials and surfaces.

Advantages of laser cleaning:

1. Saving energy:

Laser cleaning machines only need electricity as an energy source, and do not need to consume other media such as water, solvents and gases. The power of the laser cleaning machine is generally between a few dozen watts to a few kilowatts, compared with traditional cleaning methods, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and costs.

2. Reduced waste:

The cleaning process of laser cleaning machine does not produce any secondary pollution, because the laser beam can be directly vaporized or ablated into tiny particles, without leaving any residue.

3. Protect the substrate:

The cleaning effect of the laser cleaning machine can be controlled by adjusting the parameters of the laser (such as wavelength, power, pulse width, etc.) to achieve selective cleaning of the substrate, which will not cause any damage or change to the substrate.

4. Improved precision:

The cleaning precision of laser cleaning machine can reach micron or even nanometer level, which can clean some difficult-to-contact or complex shapes of the surface, such as microporous, crevices, curved surfaces, and so on.

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