Industrial Hydroforming press machine for sheet metal price

The hydroforming machine is an efficient and precise metal forming machine. The whole machine is controlled by industrial computer PLC and touch screen, easy to operate. It can complete the process of opening, leveling, automatic feeding, automatic punching, notching, roll forming, automatic cutting, bending and sealing at one time. Widely used in construction, warehouses, hangars, stadiums and other construction areas.

hydroforming machine ADVANTAGES

Excellent weight capacity:
Easily carries up to 12 tons of weight, such as galvanized steel and other hard metals.

Stress relief enhancement function:
Enhances the strength and toughness of metal materials, prevents cracking and deformation, and ensures product quality.

PLC control system:
According to the construction requirements can be set many different sets of data, key confirmation, the equipment automatically produces different lengths of the finished product

Automatic feeding:
Adopting full-automatic control, the feeding is smooth and stable, which improves efficiency and reduces labor and material resources.

Flat tile shape:
The appearance of the color plate is flat, the paint pattern is even, and the strength is large, which can be used in industry, industrial and civil buildings and other scenes.

Samples disply

The hydroforming machine Can be used in industrial, industrial civil buildings, and other scenes, such as steel mills, steel structure plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, airports, supermarkets, etc.


Electric Hydraulic Press Brake Machine is widely used in metal processing, automobile manufacturing, ship construction, electronic instruments, home appliance manufacturing, and other industries. It is also one of the necessary equipment for the production of steel structure parts and welding processes in the construction industry.

Some tips for buying and using 

Working environment and conditions of use

Ambient temperature:

-10~+40℃ (the temperature of the fuel tank shall not be lower than +10℃)

Relative humidity:

≤80% (+25℃)

Power source:

3phase 380V±10% 50Hz(or customized)

Installation, test, acceptance and after service

1. The seller should supply corresponding files and foundation drawings within 7 days of confirming the order.

2. The seller should inform the buyer to inspect the machine in our factory after the machine is finished.

3. If the buyer requires installation and testing services from the seller, the charges within China are covered by the seller while expenses outside of China, such as transportation and accommodation, are the responsibility of the buyer.

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