How to maintain a fiber laser?

With the development of laser cutting technology, laser cutting is used in a wider and wider range of fields, and more and more materials are applicable. And how much do you know about fiber laser cutting machines? Do you know how to maintain a fiber laser machine? Here are some advices!

  • Keep it clean

To extend the life of the fiber laser, operators must clean the equipment after each work. Therefore, before the next cutting process, do not forget empty all slag drawers and bins. If workers do not unpack the drawer after using it, it will eventually seize up and cause damage to the laser machine.

  • Water replacement and tank cleaning recommendations

It is generally best to clean the water tank every week and replace the internal water. It is important to note that the machine must ensure that the laser tube is filled with circulating water before work.
The quality of water and temperature directly affect the service life of the laser tube, so it is recommended to use pure water, and the water temperature is controlled at 35 ℃ or less. If the temperature is more than 35 ℃, you need to replace the circulating water or add ice to the water to reduce the water temperature.

  • Cleaning of the dust removal system

The use of the fan for a long time will make it accumulate a lot of solid dust inside, so that it produces a lot of noise, but also not conducive to exhaust and deodorization.
When the fan suction power is not enough to exhaust smoke, the first thing we should do is turn off the power. Dispare the air duct, remove the dust inside, then upside down the fan, and pull the air leaves inside until clean, and then the fan installed.

A laser machine has a long service life, if pay more attention to the cleaning work after use will allow the laser machine to get better maintenance