How to find a fiber laser welding machine manufacturer in 4 steps?

In today’s competitive market environment, choosing a high quality and efficient fiber laser welding machine is crucial for your business. To help you find the most suitable fiber laser welding machine among many manufacturers, this article will provide you with a detailed analysis of how to find a quality fiber laser welding machine manufacturer.

How fiber laser welding machine works?

fiber laser welding machine manufacturer

First of all, let us understand the working principle and technical paraments of fiber laser welding machine. Fiber laser welding machine adopts fiber laser as the light source, which is focused on the welding area through the optical system to achieve high energy density laser beam welding. Compared with traditional laser welding, fiber laser welding has many advantages, such as low energy transmission loss, good beam quality, fast welding speed, high stability of the molten pool and so on. 

five benefits of fiber laser welding machine

1. Efficient and fast: the welding speed of the fiber laser welding machine is 2-10 times faster than the traditional welding method, which can greatly improve productivity and save labor costs. In addition, it can realize automation and intelligent welding, and reduce human error and interference.

2. Stable and reliable: the welding precision of fiber laser welding machine can reach 0.01mm, which can realize the precise welding of tiny and complex parts. It can also realize contactless welding, avoiding mechanical stress and deformation on the parts.

fiber laser welding machine manufacturer

3. High-quality welding effect: the welding quality of fiber laser welding machine is incomparable to traditional welding methods, which can realize firm and beautiful welding of different materials and different thicknesses of metals. The weld seam of the fiber laser welding machine is flat, with no air holes, no cracks, no oxidation layer, and no need for subsequent treatment.

4. Flexible Adaptation: The welding flexibility of the fiber laser welding machine is very high, which can achieve the welding of any angle and position, and is suitable for a variety of complex welding scenarios and needs. Fiber laser welding machine can also be transmitted through fiber optics to achieve long-distance and multi-point welding, expanding the scope and possibility of welding.

5. Easy to maintain: fiber laser welding machine has a compact structure, a small footprint, easy to maintain and repair.

how to choose the right fiber laser welding machine in 3 steps

After understanding the advantages of fiber laser welding machines, let’s see how to choose the right fiber laser welding machine according to your needs and budget.

Step 1: Define your welding needs, such as welding thickness, welding materials, production efficiency

Step 2: Select the appropriate power and type of fiber laser welding machine according to your needs.
Power: Generally speaking, the higher the power, the higher the welding speed and quality, but also consider the cost and energy consumption factors.
Type: there are different types of fiber laser welding machines such as handheld, desktop, automation, etc. Choose the right type according to your welding scene and operation mode.

Step 3: Don’t neglect the after-sales service and support, choose a manufacturer or agent that provides quality after-sales service.
After-sales service: to choose a manufacturer or agent who can provide timely, professional, and responsible after-sales service, so that the equipment can be effectively solved and repaired when there is a malfunction or problem.
Technical support: choose a manufacturer or agent that can provide technical support, training, consulting, and other services, so that you can get guidance and help when using the equipment.

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how to choose a reliable fiber laser welding machine manufacturer

The following points can be used for reference:

1. Enterprise strength: check the manufacturer’s registered capital, number of employees, R&D capability, etc. to assess its strength.

2. Product quality: check the manufacturer’s product quality certification, customer cases and evaluations to ensure reliable product quality.

3. Technical support: find out whether the manufacturer provides technical support and upgrade services to ensure the continued competitiveness of the equipment.

4. After-sales service: find out the manufacturer’s after-sales service policy and response speed to ensure timely maintenance of the equipment.


1. Understand the performance and parameters of the equipment in detail, to ensure that the purchase of products to meet your needs.

2. Consider the stability and reliability of the equipment, avoid purchasing equipment with more wearing parts.

3. Understand the market price and reasonable budget, do not blindly pursue the low price. 

4. Communicate fully with the manufacturer to understand the use and maintenance requirements of the equipment.

5. Choose regular channels to ensure after-sales service and parts supply.


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