How to choose the right hydraulic sheet metal brake: DXTECH bending machine review

In the metal fabrication industry, choosing the right hydraulic bending machine for your business needs is critical, and DXTECH has earned a reputation as an industry-leading manufacturer of bending machines. So, how do you choose the ideal hydraulic bending machine for your business? Today, we’ll introduce you to DXTECH’s line of bending machines and help you choose the ideal model for your business.


When choosing a hydraulic plate bending machine, first consider your production needs. Determine the size and thickness of the sheet metal you typically need to process in order to select the right machine model. In addition, you need to consider processing accuracy, productivity, and the reliability and durability of the machine. You can look through three quality hydraulic bending machines from DXTECH to help you understand how to choose the right bending machine for you.


1. 125T/3200 hydraulic CNC bending machine

DXTECH’s 125T/3200 Hydraulic CNC Bending Machine is a machine that uses hydraulic pressure to bend thick metal sheets (e.g. steel, stainless steel, etc.) into various shapes and angles. It is typically used in conjunction with a pipe laser cutter and is widely used in the metal fabrication, aerospace, marine, and construction industries. This machine is capable of handling larger-sized metal sheets, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in your production.

2. DXPB hydraulic metal bending machine series

DXTECH’s DXPB-80T2000 series hydraulic CNC bending machine is one of their most popular models. It is coordinately controlled by electrical and hydraulic systems and features a welded steel plate structure with vibratory stress-relieving treatment of the material to ensure structural stability, improve bending accuracy, and achieve ideal bending results. This machine is suitable for applications with high plate requirements, such as aerospace manufacturing and construction work.


3. DXPB-125T/3200 Hydraulic metal bending machine

Similar to the first machine, the DXPB-125T/3200 Hydraulic Metal Bending Machine is a machine that uses hydraulic pressure to bend thick metal sheets into various shapes and angles. Its use in conjunction with a pipe laser cutter can greatly improve the efficiency of metal processing. This machine has a wide range of applications in a number of industries, including metal fabrication, aerospace, marine and construction.

DXTECH’s line of bending machines offers a wide range of models and configuration options to meet the needs of different applications. Whether you’re in the aerospace manufacturing, shipbuilding, or metal fabrication fields, DXTECH has a reliable solution for you.

Choosing the right hydraulic plate bending machine for your needs is a critical step in ensuring that your production runs smoothly, and DXTECH’s line of bending machines are known for their efficiency and reliability, no matter how complex your project may be. If you’re looking for a high-performance bending machine, consider DXTECH’s products, which will provide strong support for your production.