How does Kazakhstan customer think about the performance of iron sheet laser cutting machine?

iron sheet laser cutting machine

Recently, a company focusing on metal cabinet manufacturing in Kazakhstan chose DXTECH’s model 1530FL fiber laser cutting machine and CCW laser welding machine to improve its production efficiency and product quality.

DXTECH Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: Ideal for Entry-Level Laser Cutting

DXTECH’s economical iron sheet laser cutting machine is the first choice for customers in Kazakhstan for its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. This model does not require high purchase cost or training cost to achieve fast cutting of steel, iron, aluminum plate, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, galvanized plate and other metal materials. Its simple operation and easy maintenance provide users with powerful cutting capacity and efficiency, making it a good choice for economical processing.

excellent performance to ensure high-precision cutting

With its advanced technology and high-quality components, DXTECH iron sheet laser cutting machine shows excellent performance. Its aviation aluminum alloy beam ensures that the machine runs at a speed of up to 150m/min, while the international first-class guide rails, rack and pinion and other components ensure cutting precision. The sturdy iron plate design ensures that the machine is not easily deformed during long-term use, thus guaranteeing long-term stable cutting quality and saving a lot of maintenance costs for customers.

iron sheet laser cutting machine

Successful purchase of Kazakhstan customer

The customer from Kazakhstan has high requirements for metal cutting technology. After deeply understanding the performance and advantages of DXTECH iron sheet laser cutting machine, the customer decided to purchase the equipment to meet its growing production needs. The customer was very interested in how the software worked, and through dozens of emails and video calls, gradually mastered how to use the software to control the machine for high-precision cutting. The customer also highly recognized DXTECH’s professional service and technical support.

This successful purchase not only shows the excellent performance of DXTECH iron sheet laser cutting machine, but also reflects the company’s profound strength in the field of laser. DXTECH will continue to be committed to providing customers with high-quality machines and perfect after-sales service to help upgrade and develop the metal processing industry.

iron sheet laser cutting machine

DXTECH: Professional Leader in Laser Industry

DXTECH, as a company with more than 12 years of history in the laser field, has been committed to providing customers with high-quality laser equipment. In the future, DXTECH will continue to innovate and provide customers around the world with more high-quality, efficient products and services.