Handheld fiber laser metal clean machine for oil metal rust for sale in Belgium, Luxembourg

  • “Dry” cleaning, eliminating the need for cleaning fluids or other chemical solutions and providing a much higher level of cleanliness than chemical cleaning processes
  • Removes contaminants from the surface of various metal materials, such as oil, paint, oxidized layers, welds, etc.
  • The machine is small, space-saving and easy to move.

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Products Description

  1. Can clean a variety of metal materials, such as steel, aluminum alloy, copper and zinc.
  2. Non-contact cleaning can be realized without damaging the metal substrate and maintaining the quality and integrity of the metal surface.
  3. The parameters of the laser, such as wavelength, power, pulse width, etc., can be adjusted according to different cleaning objects and requirements to realize efficient, precise and flexible cleaning.
  1. It can adopt hand-held or fixed working mode, adapting to different working occasions and environments.
  2. It can realize automatic or semi-automatic operation to improve cleaning efficiency and safety.
  3. It is an environmentally friendly cleaning technology that does not require the use of any chemical solvents or cleaning fluids, and does not produce harmful exhaust or waste water.
  1. Does not damage the metal substrate and maintains the quality and integrity of the metal surface.
  2. Does not use chemical substances, does not produce harmful exhaust gas or waste water, is an environmentally friendly cleaning technology.
  3. Selective cleaning of various metal materials and pollutants can be realized, and the parameters of the laser can be adjusted to realize efficient, precise and flexible cleaning.
  4. It can adopt hand-held or fixed working mode to adapt to different working occasions and environments, and can realize automatic or semi-automatic operation to improve cleaning efficiency and safety.

Technical Parameters

Model DXTECH-4in1 laser welder
Laser Type: Fiber Laser
Laser Output Power 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W/( optional )
Application Laser cleaning
(rust, oil, grease, coating, dirt, oxide, etc.)
Pulse type Continuous pulse laser
Voltage 380V/220V, 50Hz
Pulse width ≤20ms
Scanning width 00-100mm
Repeat frequency 20-50kHz
Lifetime 100,000 hours
Parameters are for reference only, specific parameters depend on the machine configuration.

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Client Testimonial


Customer form Slovenia

Thanks Dxtech! They are awesome and the machine is amazing! They helped me cut different coils fast and easy. They also gave me a lot of support and guidance. They are the best!


Customer form Romania

Laser cutting machine is a great tool for metal sheet processing. I love it! And their service is good!


Customer form Argentina

The service is excellent. They are very friendly and responsive. They answered all my questions and solved all my problems. They also provided me with training and tips on how to use the machine better. They are very reliable and trustworthy. I appreciate their service very much.

Factory Review

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FAQs about metal laser cutting mahcine

Where are Your Best Selling?

Dxtech Europe laser cutters are popular in Russia, United States, Canada, UK, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Span, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Poland, etc. Secondly, there are customer samples in Russia and deals in Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other regions.

What is the Prices of Dxtech Europe Metal Laser Cutting Machine?

Sheet Metal Laser cutting machine Price range: $10,000 – $90,000;

Metal laser tube cutting machine Price range: $9,000 – $50,000;

Sheet & tube metal laser cutting machine price range: $20,000 – $90,000;

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Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in many industries, including automotive manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, sheet metal processing, and decoration. If you’re considering purchasing this type of equipment, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

What Materials Can be Cut by Metal Laser Cutting Machines?

Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum, etc. in the forms of sheet, pipe, tube, or steel coils in the industry of automotive vehicles, building decoration, etc.;

If you are not sure about the metal type & thickness, Please contact us. Blue Elephant provides free proofing service for our customers

Why Choose Dxtech Europe?

01: Dxtech Eruope is a CNC Machine Manufacturer for more than 13 years and has been exported to more than 160 areas;

02: The products have been certified by CE, ISO9001, SGS, FDA, TUV and other international certificates, and any parts with quality problems during the warranty period will be replaced with new ones free of charge.

03: Dxtech Europe has professional service team, to provide users with online and offline after-sales service, to solve all kinds of problems and needs of the user!

How Many Years Can I Take Metal Laser Cutting Machine Making Money?

Our metal lasers use fiber optic laser, most fiber optic lasers have a life of about 30,000 hours, means about 15 years. Fiber lasers have an expected life of around 100,000 hours, which means about 45 years.

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