Israel customer

Miha from Israel bought our F series laser cutting machine for his metal processing. The equipment he used before was a plasma laser cutting machine, but due to the slow cutting speed and low efficiency of the machine, he wanted to upgrade his machine to a fiber laser machine after learning about fiber laser machines. After a comparison, he chose DXTECH. Based on Miha’s processing needs, we recommended the FP1530 model for him. After receiving the goods, he was very satisfied and sent us this video.

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Kosovo customer

Nikolo is from Kosovo. He bought our SP1530 laser cutting machine in 2022 for his metal processing. This machine has a high configuration and high power. It is equipped with a protective cover and exchange platform, which not only increases the efficiency of cutting but also improves the safety of the working environment.

Malaysian customer

This video was sent by our Malasiay customer Ramesh. He has a special processing plant for sheet metal. After purchasing the FP1530 metal cutting machine, he purchased a 3 in 1 welding machine and a bending machine from DXTECHEUROPE.

Paraguay customer

Our Palaguy customer bought FP1530 for his metal sheet cutting industry. This machine is the hottest-selling one in our F series. It has a separate electric control cabinet which has good heat dissipation and is more convenient to maintain.