DXTECH-The Leader of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers in China

china fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer

China Fiber Laser Cutting Machine manufacturers have long been leaders in the global metal processing industry. In this market, DXTECH is known for its outstanding product quality and superior performance. Today, I will introduce to you three best-selling metal laser cutting machines from DXTECH, which are FP – Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine, EP – Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform and SP – Laser Cutting Machine Equipped with CE Certified Protective Enclosure.

1 Best selling metal sheet laser cutting machine

First of all, let’s take a look at DXTECH’s FP-Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine. As a representative of China fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, DXTECH has been maintaining world leadership in product design and manufacturing.One of DXTECH’s best-selling products, FP-series sheet metal laser cutting machine is popular among users for its high precision and high efficiency. This cutting machine adopts advanced fiber laser technology, which can quickly and accurately complete the cutting of various metal materials. Whether it’s thin or thick sheet metal, FP series is easily capable of meeting all kinds of metal processing needs.

2 laser cutting machine with exchange platform

As a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in China, DXTECH always puts users’ needs in the first place and is committed to providing more efficient and smarter cutting solutions. Next, let’s take a look at the EP-with-exchange-platform laser cutting machine.EP series is an upgraded and improved product based on the FP series. This machine not only inherits the advantages of FP series but also adds an exchange platform. This exchange platform can automatically change workpieces, thus realizing mass production. The EP series cutter has higher speed and efficiency, which is suitable for enterprises that need mass production.

3 All cover metal laser cutting machine

Finally, let’s introduce an SP-equipped laser cutting machine with CE-certified protective housing. As a representative of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers in China, DXTECH always puts quality and user experience in the first place. the SP series is a product launched by DXTECH to satisfy users’ needs for equipment safety. Equipped with a CE-certified protective housing that protects the operator’s safety and has less impact on the environment, the SP series of laser cutting machines ensures cutting quality and efficiency while focusing on the user’s experience and the safety of the equipment.

At last, as a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in China, DXTECH has won the trust of global users with its outstanding products, superior technology, and more than 10 years of export experience. Whether it is the FP series that meets various metal processing needs, the EP series that is suitable for mass production, or the SP series that is safer and more environmentally friendly, DXTECH is able to provide the highest quality cutting solutions. As a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in China, DXTECH will continue to strive for innovation and provide better products and services to users worldwide.


If you need to buy a laser cutting machine in China, please contact DXTECH, we will provide you with the most complete price and solution!