DXTECH Hydraulic Bending Machine is now shipping to cabinet and furniture manufacturers in Tanzania!

Greetings to all our esteemed DXTECH customers!

We are very pleased to announce that the DXTECH hydraulic bending machine will soon be shipped to a cabinet and furniture manufacturing customer in Tanzania. This hydraulic bending machine is one of our company’s best-selling product lines, offering a range of advantages and features that will provide a more efficient and stable solution to our customer’s production.

1. Steel plate welded structure

First of all, the DXTECH hydraulic bending machine adopts a steel plate welded structure, which provides the machine with higher rigidity and stability. This structure can effectively resist vibration and deformation, and maintain the stability and precision of the machine under high-intensity working conditions. Customers can use the machine without worrying about problems during long-time operation.


2. High degree of accuracy and synchronization

Secondly, the synchronization system of this hydraulic bending machine consists of a torsion shaft and an arm. This design allows the machine to maintain a high degree of accuracy and synchronization during the working process, ensuring that the bent sheets have a consistent shape and size. Both straight and curved bending can be achieved with satisfactory results.


3. Movable table and a vertical plate

In addition, DXTECH hydraulic bending machines are designed with a movable table and a vertical plate. The movable table can be adjusted according to different working requirements, which is convenient for customers to operate and process. Meanwhile, the design of the vertical plate ensures that the plate remains smooth during the bending process, reducing the possibility of deformation and damage and improving the quality and reliability of the product.

The advantages of DXTECH hydraulic bending machines don’t stop there. We also provide our customers with comprehensive after-sales services, including equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, and maintenance. Our professional team will always be available to answer questions and ensure that our customers are able to fully utilize the machine’s features and performance.

Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere thanks to this Tanzanian cabinet furniture manufacturing customer for his trust and support of our products. We are confident that the DXTECH hydraulic bending machine will bring great improvement and enhancement to our customer’s production. We are looking forward to cooperating with our customer to create a better future together.

If you have any questions or needs about our products and services, please feel free to contact us. Thank you again for your support!