DXTECH, China fiber laser cutting machine supplier, meets the needs of customers in different industries

As a leading fiber laser cutting machine supplier in China, DXTECH is committed to providing high quality metal laser cutting machines for different types of customers in various industries. With the help of advanced technology and innovative design, DXTECH has developed many types of laser cutting machines according to customers’ needs to meet the diversified demands of different industries.


First of all, for sheet metal processing customers with high budgets and high output requirements, DXTECH has launched metal laser cutting machines such as the SA series, which is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system to automate production and greatly improve production efficiency. For example, customers only need to place the sheet metal materials to be processed on the material rack, and the laser cutting machine will automatically complete a series of operations such as loading, positioning, and cutting, which greatly saves human resources and time costs.

Secondly, for customers in the automobile manufacturing industry who require high cutting accuracy and speed, DXTECH has launched the F series laser cutting machine. This model adopts a high-precision fiber laser and an advanced cutting control system, which can achieve fast and accurate cutting and ensure the quality and size consistency of the cut workpiece. Whether it is cutting automotive parts or body panels, F series laser cutting machines are able to meet customers’ needs and improve production efficiency and product quality.

In addition, for customers in the decorative materials industry, DXTECH has launched the Q series of high-precision laser cutting machines. This model has higher precision and is capable of fine cutting various metal decorative materials, such as stainless steel, iron, and so on. Not only the cutting speed is fast, but also the cutting lines are flat and smooth, which can meet the customer’s requirements for product appearance and quality.

Except for the several product types mentioned above, DXTECH has also introduced more applicable laser cutting models according to the needs of other industries. Whether it is electronics manufacturing, aerospace, military industries, etc., DXTECH is able to provide professional solutions and customized laser cutting machines.


As a leading supplier of fiber laser cutting machines in China, DXTECH has won the trust and praise of many customers due to its excellent technical strength and high quality products. Whether you are a sheet metal processing customer, an automobile manufacturer, or a supplier of decorative materials, DXTECH is able to provide you with the most suitable laser cutting solutions. Choose DXTECH, choose a professional, efficient, and reliable partner!