DXTECH After Sales Team Goes to Serbia to Provide Laser Cutting Machine Service

DXTECH Laser Machine Company’s after-sales service technical team recently traveled to Serbia to provide wonderful technical support to customers in the sheet metal processing industry. The focus of this service was to debug and maintain the SP3015 fiber laser cutting machine for the customer to provide more efficient and stable processing services.

The customer is mainly engaged in the professional metal processing of stainless steel materials, so they have very high requirements for the performance and efficiency of the laser cutting machine.

And DXTECH’s SP3015 fiber laser cutting machine precisely meets their demand. This cutting machine adopts advanced fiber laser technology with high precision, high speed, and high stability, which can meet the cutting needs of various complex shapes. Meanwhile, SP3015 also has an intelligent operation interface and rich function modules, which makes the operation easier and more flexible.

The service team is composed of senior technicians from DXTECH Company, who have rich technical experience and professional knowledge. In the communication with the customer, the technical team understands the customer’s requirements on the performance of the equipment and the specific processing needs.

During the commissioning process, the technical team carefully adjusted the machine to ensure that it could be operated in the best condition. They also introduced the operation of the cutting machine and precautions to the customer through on-site training to ensure that the customer could fully utilize the advantages of the equipment.


Through this successful commissioning and maintenance operation, Serbia‘s customer highly praised both DXTECH’s SP3015 fiber laser cutting machine and the after-sales service team. They said that the performance and stability of the equipment greatly improved their processing efficiency, while the professional knowledge and service attitude of the technical team also left a deep impression on them.

DXTECH will continue to dedicate itself to providing better products and services to its customers with continuous innovation and progress. If you need any metal processing machine needs, please contact us immediately. DXTECH will provide you with the best quality laser solutions!