DXTECH 50w laser marking machine in metal marking application case study

Metal marking has become an integral part of modern industrial production. However, it has always been a challenge to mark metal with a clear, long-lasting and traceable message. Fortunately, DXTECH’s 50 watt laser marking machine provides a perfect solution.

Our customer, a manufacturer from the United States, was faced with the need to mark a large number of metal products. In the past, they used the traditional engraving process, but this method had many problems, such as lack of clarity, fading, and difficulty in traceability. In order to meet the market demand for high-quality metal signs, they started looking for a more advanced solution.

After consulting with DXTECH’s team, they decided to choose the DXTECH 50 watt laser marking machine. This machine has advanced laser technology to achieve precise and clear markings on metal. Laser marking has many advantages over traditional engraving processes.


First, laser marking allows for non-contact operation, avoiding damage to metal surfaces. This is important for customers who need to maintain the integrity of the appearance of metal products. Second, laser marking machines are highly accurate and stable, and can achieve micron-level marking results. Both intricate patterns and tiny fonts can be perfectly printed on metal.


In addition, the DXTECH 50 watt laser marking machine has the advantage of high-speed marking. For high-volume production needs, this device can increase productivity and reduce waiting time. At the same time, the laser marking machine can also realize traceable information marking, through the laser marked serial number and barcode, etc., customers can easily trace the source of the product and production information.

In the actual application, after customers use DXTECH 50 watt laser marking machine, the effect is excellent. Not only are the metal markings clear and long-lasting, but they can also meet high standards of quality. Our customers are very satisfied with the performance of this equipment. They said that DXTECH’s 50 watt laser marking machine not only improves the production efficiency but also enhances the competitiveness of their products.


The DXTECH 50w laser marking machine provides a perfect solution for US customers to mark metal with more perfect metal markings. The laser marking machine’s advantages of non-contact operation, high accuracy and stability, high-speed marking, and traceable information marking have solved the challenges faced by the customer before.

Besides, DXTECH also has CO2 laser marking machines for engraving wood, leather, etc., and UV laser marking machines, especially for marking plastics. If you have any metal or non-metal marking needs, please contact DXTECH and we will provide you with the newest machine information and quotation.