Canadian Customers Visit DXTECH Factory and Experience the Operation of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

metal laser cutter canada

On November 23rd, DXTECH was honored to invite Canadian customers to visit the DXTECH factory and experience the operation of DXTECH metal laser cutting machines and so on.
The visit provided an excellent opportunity for the Canadian customers to gain a deeper understanding of the manufacturing process and advanced technology of the DXTECH factory, as well as to personally experience the outstanding performance and advantageous features of the DXTECH laser cutting machines.

Customers experience DXTECH FP3015 metal laser cutter

metal laser cutter canada

First, the Canadian customers received a brief training session before experiencing the laser cutting machine. Engineer Zachary introduced the basic operation procedure of DXTECH FP3015 laser cutting machine to the customer and explained in detail the precautions and safety operation norms. Afterward, under Zachary’s guidance, the customer personally operated the machine and carried out some simple cutting tests. Canadian customers have said that the metal laser cutting machine produced by DXTECH factory has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision, and stability, which can meet their cutting needs.

“I am impressed by the high precision and efficiency of the DXTECH FP3015 laser cutting machine.” The Canadian customer said. “Our company operates a parts manufacturing business that requires very high precision and quality of parts. By personally operating the DXTECH FP3015 laser cutting machine, I was deeply impressed by its excellent performance and superior quality. It is able to complete tasks quickly and accurately, greatly improving our company’s productivity.”

Advantages of DXTECH metal laser cutter

In addition to high precision and efficiency, the DXTECH FP3015 metal laser cutting machine does not need to touch the metal material and uses a fiber laser to efficiently and accurately cut a wide range of metal materials, including steel, stainless steel, and copper. In addition, DXTECH FP3015 laser cutting machine has a series of other advantageous features.

metal laser cutter canada

1. It uses a fiber laser with a long life and low energy consumption, which saves energy and reduces maintenance costs.
2. The laser cutting process is environmentally friendly as it produces no harmful gases or waste.
3. The laser cutting technology is non-contact and does not cause damage to the object to be processed, perfectly preserving the integrity of the raw material.
4. DXTECH FP3015 laser cutting machine has an intelligent operation interface, which makes the operation more convenient and simple, and reduces the operation difficulty of workers.

Canadian customers also expressed great satisfaction with the visit. They expressed their willingness to cooperate with DXTECH and hope to cooperate with DXTECH deeply. Thanks to the strong support from our customers, DXTECH will continue to provide the most complete laser solutions for customers in the metal industry all over the world!