Can a co2 laser engraver cut metal ?

CO2 laser cutting is a method of heat treatment of metallic materials using a high power density CO2 laser beam, which can achieve high precision, high speed and high quality cutting results.

The principle of CO2 laser cutting metal

The principle of CO2 laser cutting metal is to use a high power density laser beam generated by a CO2 laser, which is focused on the metal surface through a focusing mirror to form a small irradiation point, causing the irradiated area to rapidly heat up and melt or vaporize, while blowing away the molten or vaporized metal material through an auxiliary gas (usually oxygen or inert gas), thus forming a narrow cut. CO2 laser cutting metal There are two main modes: oxygen cutting and inert gas cutting.


Oxygen cutting: Using oxygen as an auxiliary gas, a strong chemical reaction (oxidation reaction) occurs with the metal being cut, generating a large amount of heat that further heats and accelerates the melting or vaporizing process of the metal. Oxygen cutting is suitable for low carbon steel, stainless steel and other easily oxidized metal materials, which can improve the cutting speed and quality, but will lead to an increase in the width of the cut and a decrease in surface roughness.

Inert gas cutting: the use of inert gas (such as nitrogen, argon, etc.) as an auxiliary gas, only to play a protective and blowing role, without chemical reaction with the metal being cut. Inert gas cutting is suitable for metal materials such as aluminum, copper, etc. which are difficult to oxidize or easy to reflect, and can maintain a higher surface quality and smaller slit width, but requires higher laser power and auxiliary gas pressure.

Advantages of CO2 laser cutting metal

CO2 laser cutting of metals has the following advantages over traditional mechanical cutting or other types of laser cutting (e.g., solid-state lasers, semiconductor lasers, etc.):


High precision: Due to the small divergence angle and focus point of the CO2 laser beam, micron or even nano-level precision can be achieved, making it suitable for complex and fine pattern cutting.

High speed: Because of the high power density and penetration capability of the CO2 laser beam, cutting speeds of seconds or even milliseconds can be achieved, improving productivity and saving costs.

High quality: Since CO2 laser cutting is a non-contact heat treatment method, it does not cause mechanical stress and deformation to metal materials, which can maintain the original properties and surface finish of metals and reduce the need for subsequent processing.

High flexibility: Since CO2 laser cutting is a digital and intelligent control method, it can realize cutting of any shape and size through computer programs and laser head movement, adapting to different design needs and personalization.

Limitations of CO2 laser cutting metal

Although CO2 laser cutting metal has many advantages, there are some limitations, mainly the following:


High cost: Due to the high manufacturing and maintenance costs of CO2 lasers, they require large amounts of electrical energy and gas resources, making CO2 laser cutting machines more expensive to purchase and operate, and not suitable for small-scale or low-budget users.

Low efficiency: Since the output wavelength of CO2 laser is 10.6 microns, which belongs to the infrared spectrum range, it will produce large energy loss and reflection danger for metal materials with high reflectivity such as aluminum and copper, reducing cutting efficiency and safety.

Low stability: Since CO2 laser is a gas discharge laser, it needs to adjust the gas components and discharge parameters through a complex gas circuit system and circuit system, which is easily affected by the ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure and other factors, resulting in unstable output power and mode, affecting the cutting quality.

What laser machine is suitable to choose

If your main material is metal, such as: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc., then fiber laser cutting machine is your first choice. If you need to cut metal materials as well as non-metal materials such as wood, acrylic, fabric, etc., then dxtecheurope’s fiber and CO2 laser cutting machine is the perfect fit for your processing needs.

CF1325 Co2+Fiber 2 in1 laser cutting machine for metal & nonmetal

CF3015 metal laser cutting machine integrates co2 and fiber laser in one. It is equipped with high-quality fiber and CO2 glass laser. It can not only cut metal sheets but also nonmetal materials such as acrylic, fabric, etc. It is cost-effective with a wide range of applications

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