Bending machine for aluminium

If you’re looking for a powerful, high-precision bending machine for aluminum, look no further than DXTECH’s latest offering – the 125T-320 CNC Bend Machine. Our latest model is the perfect bending solution for professionals in the metal and aluminum fabrication industry, delivering exceptional power, performance, and reliability.

bending machine for aluminium

advantages of bending machine for aluminium

Hydraulic Bending Technology

The 125T-320 CNC Bend Machine utilizes hydraulic bending technology to achieve high precision and accuracy in the bending process. The machine is equipped with advanced hydraulics that generates to 125 tons of bending force, enabling it to bend even the thickest aluminum sheets with ease.

bending machine for aluminium

Durable Steel Welded Construction

The machine’s frame and structure are made of welded steel plates, making it incredibly strong and durable. The steel welded construction ensures that the machine is able to handle heavy bending operations while withstanding the test of time.

bending machine for aluminium

High Bending Precision

Our machine utilizes a high-precision back-gauge system with a programmable controller that delivers outstanding results. The advanced system ensures high bending precision with a tolerance of only .01 mm. This feature provides superior accuracy and consistency during operations, resulting in perfectly-formed aluminum ponents every time.

bending machine for aluminium

Automated System and User-Friendly Software

The 125T-320 CNC Bend Machine is equipped with an automated system that makes operations highly efficient and user-friendly. The machine features an advanced CNC controller that can be programmed to perform specific bends automatically, eliminating the need for manual input during the bending process.

The software also makes it simple to input complex shapes or designs, and the touch screen interface is highly intuitive, ideal for operators of all skill levels. The software has a user-friendly interface, making it very easy for anyone to operate the machine, as long as they have some basic understanding of CNC technology.

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DXtechEurope’s 125T-320 CNC Bend machine is a powerful, reliable, and high-precision solution for metal bending operations. With its durable, welded steel construction, hydraulic bending technology, high-precision back gauge, and user-friendly software, it offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for those working in the aluminum and metal fabrication industry.

This machine is designed to help you streamline your workflow, save on labor costs, and improve productivity. With its advanced CNC controller, automation, and high precision, you can feel confident that you are purchasing a top-of-the-line product that will provide an excellent return on investment.

If you’re looking for a top-quality bending machine for aluminum, then DXtechEurope’s 125T-320 CNC Bend Machine is the right choice. Contact us today and learn more about our products, or visit our website to make an order!