Argentinean customer orders a 1000 watt laser welding machine for 4 mm thick aluminum

We are pleased to announce that we are about to ship a new 1000 watt laser welding machine to a key customer in Argentina. This laser welding machine is designed for welding aluminum and is suitable for welding tasks up to a maximum thickness of 4 mm, most of which are fillet welds.


Whether you are in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, or construction, our 1000 watt laser welding machine will provide an unmatched solution for your aluminum welding needs. Its exceptional 1000 watt laser power will power your production line, making welding faster and more precise.

The main feature of this laser welding machine is its 1000 watts of laser power. The high power laser is able to speed up welding and increase productivity. It also has excellent welding depth and penetration, ensuring a strong and reliable weld. This is especially important for welding thicker aluminum, and it enables high quality and precision welding for both small and large welding projects. In addition, it meets customer requirements for fillet welds, ensuring quality and aesthetics.


Whether it’s welding thin aluminum or fillet welds up to 4mm thick, our 1000 watt laser welding machine provides excellent performance and reliable weld quality. We are confident that this machine will bring a new welding experience to our customers in Argentina and improve their productivity.


This laser welding machine not only outperforms similar products in terms of performance but is also at the forefront of intelligence. Users only need to simply set the welding parameters, and the machine can automatically complete the welding task. This easy operation interface can improve the working efficiency and reduce the human operation error, meanwhile reducing the burden and training cost of the operator.


In addition, we will pack and ship the machine to the highest standards to ensure the safe delivery of this valuable equipment to our customers. We are confident that our customers will be satisfied and benefit from the performance and quality of our 1000 watt laser welding machine.

Finally, if you need anything, please feel free to contact Dxtech Europe and we look forward to providing you with more information and assistance.