6kw 1530 FPT Sheet and Tube Laser Cutting Machine Kosovo Delivery Case

In recent years, the construction industry in Kosovo has been developing rapidly, and the demand for cutting various metal materials has been increasing. endrit, a Kosovar construction worker, often needs to cut different shapes and sizes of steel plates and tubes, which are used for supports, frames, pipes and other parts of construction projects. To improve cutting efficiency and quality, Endrit decided to purchase a DXTECH 6kw 1530 FPT sheet and tube laser cutting machine to meet his cutting needs.

Why kosovo customer choose dxtech fiber laser cutting machine?

After some comparison and selection, Endrit chose one of DXTECH’s high-performance laser cutting machines. This 6kw 1530 FPT Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine has excellent cutting performance and stable operation capability, which can meet the high demand for metal cutting in the construction industry. In addition, the laser-cutting machine has the following advantages:

6 kw fiber laser cutting machine

High power laser: adopting a 6kw fiber laser, it can cut up to 30mm carbon steel, 15mm stainless steel, 10mm aluminum alloy, 8mm copper and other kinds of metal materials, with fast cutting speed and smooth cuts, no need for secondary processing.

Professional plate and tube cutting system: With the professional plate and tube cutting system, it can realize the automatic material change of plate and tube without manual intervention, which saves time and manpower. Meanwhile, different cutting modes can be selected according to different plates and tubes, such as orthogonal cutting, inclined cutting, round hole cutting, square hole cutting, etc., which meet different cutting needs.

Intelligent control system: It adopts an intelligent control system, which can realize the functions of auto-focusing, auto-tracking, auto-adjustment and auto-recognition, making the operation simpler, more convenient and safer. Meanwhile, the parameters and effects of cutting can be monitored and adjusted in real-time through a touch screen or remote control, which improves the precision and quality of cutting.

Stable mechanical structure: It adopts a stable mechanical structure, such as a reinforced welded bed, high rigidity beam, high-precision guide rails, and gears, etc., which ensures the stability and durability of cutting, resists vibration and deformation, and extends the life of cutting.

Diversified Cutting: The laser cutting machine supports the cutting of a variety of metal materials such as steel, iron, stainless steel, etc. to meet the demand for different materials in the construction industry.

Environmental protection: Equipped with a perfect smoke and dust removal system, the laser cutting process is pollution-free, which meets Kosovo’s high standards for environmental protection.

Shipping and services

In addition, we have taken the following measures to ensure the smooth arrival of the laser cutting machine in Kosovo:

1. professional packaging: the laser cutting machine is strictly packed before leaving the factory to ensure no damage during transport.

2. smooth transport channels: we co-operate with many famous logistics companies to ensure that the goods cross the border smoothly.

3. timely after-sales service: we provide 24-hour online after-sales service to ensure that Endrit can get timely solutions when it encounters problems during the use of equipment.

4. Professional technical training: We provided Endrit with detailed training on the use and maintenance of the product to ensure that he could operate the laser cutting machine proficiently.

6 kw fiber laser cutting machine

DXTECH’s 6kw 1530 FPT Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine has been successfully applied in Endrit’s construction projects, providing Endrit with efficient, high-quality and high-precision cutting services and winning Endrit’s high praise and trust.
After the delivery of the laser cutting machine, we received enthusiastic feedback from Endrit. He said that the laser cutting machine not only improved his work efficiency, but also enhanced the cutting quality, which gave him confidence in the development of his business.

Get your laser like him!

As a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer, DXTECH has many years of experience in research and development, production, sales and service of laser cutting machines, and provides the best laser cutting solutions for customers in various industries all over the world. If you are interested in DXTECH’s laser cutting machine or want to know more details, please contact us, we will provide you with the most professional service and the most favorable price.