4 Ways Israeli Customers Choose 3000w Laser Cutting Machine Supplier

3000w fiber laser cutting machine suppliers

Recently, the Israeli customer finally chose DXTECH as their 3000w fiber laser cutting machine supplier after careful consideration. Why do Israeli customers prefer DXTECH 3000w fiber laser cutting machine? In this article, we will introduce the four key factors for Israeli customers to choose us.

1. Personalized debugging

Before shipment, DXTECH’s engineering team will carefully debug the 3000w fiber laser cutting machine according to the types of plates that customers often cut. They will also store the cutting parameters in advance to ensure that the machine can be quickly put into production after reaching the hands of the customer and play the best performance. Not only greatly saves the customer’s time costs, but also allows customers to easily get started, and quickly enjoy the convenience of efficient cutting.

2. Auto-focus cutting head, realize high-precision cutting

The cutting head of this 3000w fiber laser cutting machine adopts auto-focus technology to ensure that the optimal focus is always maintained during the cutting process, thus realizing high-precision cutting. In addition, the water-cooling method is adopted to cool the optical lens, which ensures the stability of long-time and high-intensity work and provides a strong guarantee for batch cutting of plates.

3000w fiber laser cutting machine suppliers
3000w fiber laser cutting machine suppliers

3. High-performance bed design, energy saving, and environmental protection

Bed as one of the core components of the laser cutting machine, its performance directly affects the stability of the machine and the cutting effect.DXTECH’s 3000w fiber laser cutting machine adopts a hollow bed designed for high power, after many times of aging treatments, to improve the stability of the machine. At the same time, time, zoning, segmented dust extraction structure, and professional dust removal system options, so that the cutting process generated by the exhaust gas, and metal vapors can be effectively discharged, the degree of filtration is up to 99.99%, for the operator to create a clean and sanitary working environment.

4. DXTECH service: professional and caring after-sales support

In addition to quality products, DXTECH also provides professional and caring after-sales support. Our service team is always ready to answer customers’ questions and provide timely technical support. Whether it’s machine installation and commissioning or online training, we provide thoughtful services to ensure that customers can use our products with confidence.

3000w fiber laser cutting machine suppliers

As one of the top ten 3000w fiber laser cutting machine suppliers in China, DXTECH has always been adhering to the principle of quality first to provide high quality machines for customers in Israel, and DXTECH will continue to bring more high quality and high performance laser cutting equipment to customers around the world.