3kw laser cutting machine and laser welding machine for sale in brazil

A Brazilian customer recently ordered a 3kw laser cutting machine and a laser welding machine from DXTECH. After receiving the machines, they tested and evaluated them thoroughly. The customer was delighted and impressed with the performance and service of DXTECH’s laser machines, ranking them among the best laser devices in the Brazilian market.

The customer highlighted the following advantages of the DXTECH laser cutting machine:

  • Fast cutting speed, excellent cutting quality, and accuracy, resulting in smooth cutting surfaces that need no further processing.
  • Flexible cutting capabilities for various metal thicknesses and materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and copper alloy.
  • Stable laser power, superb beam quality, long-lasting laser life, and low maintenance costs.
  • Easy operation with advanced intelligence, featuring functions such as autofocus, automatic tracking, exhaust ventilation, and alarm systems.
  • Sleek and compact design, saving space and fitting in different working environments.

The customer also praised the DXTECH laser welding machine for its:

  • High welding efficiency and superior welding quality, producing beautiful welds that do not require filler material, grinding, or painting.
  • Wide welding range, handling diverse metal shapes and sizes, such as plates, pipes, and profiles.
  • Safe and eco-friendly welding process, avoiding sparks, dust, noise, and pollution.
  • Adjustable welding parameters, customized to meet specific welding needs.
  • Handheld welding ways, enabling welding from multiple angles and directions, suitable for complex welding situations.

The customer praised DXTECH’s reliable and trustworthy service, which included prompt, professional, and comprehensive support throughout the transaction, from answering questions and providing solutions, to managing production and delivery, to offering training and technical assistance, to communicating and responding to feedback.

DXTECH sincerely thanks the Brazilian customer for their trust, support, and positive feedback. The company remains dedicated to delivering the finest laser machines and exceptional service, providing optimal laser solutions to customers worldwide