1500w portable handheld laser welder for sale in Australia

We are pleased to announce that DXTECH 1500w portable handheld laser welder will soon be shipped to Australia.

The customer started to learn about our laser welding machine machine on the website and became very interested in this machine. Through in-depth communication, I understand that the customer needs a machine that is easy to carry. After many comparisons, the customer finally chose the recommended 1500W portable handheld laser welder.


This 1500w portable handheld laser welder offers excellent performance and portability for a variety of welding needs. Whether on the factory floor or outdoor construction site, this laser welder is easy to carry and quick to start. Its advanced laser technology ensures precision and efficiency, providing users with a whole new welding experience.

Features of 1500w portable handheld laser welder:


1. high power, can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and other metal materials with thickness up to 5mm.

2. small size, lightweight, easy to carry and operate, suitable for various occasions, such as factories, workshops, sites, etc.

3. Spot size can be adjusted to realize precise welding and beautiful welding effects without post-processing.

4. using a fiber laser with, a simple structure, high conversion efficiency, good beam quality, low maintenance cost, and good heat dissipation performance.

5. Complete machine delivery, without any installation

Why Customers Choose DXTECH portable handheld laser welder

In addition to the advantages of the machine itself, customers choose to buy laser welding machine from DXTECH also because of our excellent service. We provide the following services and solutions to our customers in Australia:

1. Provide professional technical consultation and program design, selecting suitable laser welding parameters and processes according to customers’ needs and workpiece characteristics.

2. provide fast delivery and service to ensure the safe transportation and normal operation of the products.

3. provide perfect after-sales service and technical support, including product warranty, maintenance, training, upgrading, etc.


We expect this 1500w portable handheld laser welder to play an important role in the work of Australian customers and bring a better welding experience for users. If you are in Australia and are interested in this 1500w portable handheld laser welder, please feel free to contact us for more product details and to book your purchase.

Machine link: https://www.dxtecheurope.com/professional-fiber-laser-welding-machine/