1500w 3in 1 hand held laser welder for sale in Australia

We are pleased to announce that a brand new 1500w 3-in-1 handheld laser welding machine will be shipped to Australia soon. This high performance laser welding machine integrates three functions of laser welding, laser cleaning and laser cutting, which will provide you a one-stop laser processing solution.


Why Australian Customers Choose DXTECH Laser Welding Machine?

The Australian customer is a metal processing company that supplies various metal parts and products to the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. The customer was looking for a welding equipment that could increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve quality, while also meeting the needs of a wide range of materials and applications. The customer went through DXTECH’s online consulting service to learn more about the product. Meanwhile, DXTECH also arranged professional technicians to provide satisfactory samples and demonstrations for the customer. The customer was very satisfied with the performance and effect of our products and decided to place an order for a 1500w 3in 1 handheld laser welding machine.

3 Functional Benefits of Handheld Laser Welding Machine

3in1 handheld laser welding machine with triple functions of laser welding, cleaning and cutting. It can quickly and easily remove oil, rust and coatings before welding and clean debris and weld seams after welding while performing various sheet metal cutting processes. It can easily and efficiently assist customers in achieving optimal work efficiency and meet the requirements of most work scenarios. The following is a description of its features:

hand held laser welder for sale

Laser Welding:

Using high power laser output, this machine is capable of precision laser welding of a wide range of materials, including metals such as steel, aluminum and copper. It enables efficient and accurate welding operations on both thin-walled and thick-walled materials.

hand held laser welder for sale

Laser Cleaning:

In addition to the welding function, this handheld laser welding machine also has a laser cleaning function. Using a non-contact cleaning method, it is able to remove contaminants, rust, paint and oxides from the surface of different materials. Laser cleaning cleans surfaces faster than traditional cleaning methods without causing damage to the underlying material. This feature makes this machine especially useful for surface preparation processes before and after welding.

hand held laser welder for sale

Laser cutting:

In addition to welding and cleaning, this machine can also perform laser cutting operations. By focusing a high-powered laser beam onto a specific area, it can accurately cut a variety of sheet metal materials.

In addition to providing high-performance laser welding machines, DXTECH also provides perfect after-sales service, including equipment installation, commissioning, training and maintenance. No matter what problems customers encounter in the process of use, DXTECH will provide professional solutions at the first time to ensure that the customer’s equipment is always in the best working condition.

This 1500w 3-in-1 handheld laser welding machine will be shipped to Australia soon, welcome interested parties to pay attention and inquire, DXTECH will provide you with detailed product information and excellent service.

Machine Link: https://www.dxtecheurope.com/ccw15-3in1-handheld-laser-welding-machine/